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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Now Web vs. Blogosphere Relationship Management

Just read a post on talking about the Now Web
And the post mentions Twitter and Disqus as example of these services in the Now Web.

While I like the concept of Now Web, I believe that Twitter and Disqus belong to 2 very different worlds, at least for now.

I see Twitter as an equivalent of a virtual water cooler where people can come and discuss once in a while (even though some people seem to live there). Disqus on the other hand is a tool to manage conversations with the blogosphere and engage with bloggers. One is truly in the Now, the other is more in the "building over time".

When a blog is equiped with Disqus, or IntenseDebate (what I have on my blog), you can post comments, track replies but also get more info on the bloggers who commented, what other conversations they have other places, what blogs they publish on. With these tools you can accumulate over time records of conversations and connections with bloggers, you can build your personal intellectual property outside of your own blog and you can build a reputation within the group that emerges naturally from all these interactions.
And Twitter is a good complement to let the crowd now that you are doing all these things.

So for Disqus or IntenseDebate rather than Now Web, I would talk Relationship Management, and the good news is that if they can be categorized as such they are one step closer to the enterprise, and therefore one step closer to cash for the entrepreneurs and their investors.

No question in the end that both will make it to the enterprise, as Yammer demonstrated this week at TechCrunch 50. The way we function within and without the enterprise is changing, it will be interesting to see how far this goes...