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Friday, February 27, 2009

Anne Giles Clelland and the story of Tyson Daniel - Yes you can!

Following 400 blogs means spending a lot of time looking at a screen, and it is only worth doing if you get to meet people with similar interests in the process.

Going through the list of the top 150 blogs for entrepreneurs , I have met with Anne Giles, who publishes 2 blogs: Inside VT KnowledgeWorks and Handshake2.0.

Anne Giles Clelland, M.A., M.S. is the founder, president, and CEO
of Handshake Media, Incorporated, a social media public relations firm founded in 2008. She is a writer, speaker, and consultant. You can find her full bio here.

Anne's favorite entrepreneur story is the story of Tyson Daniel and how it is possible to figure your way out of the box:

Tyson Daniel is a capital defense attorney who decided to become an entrepreneur and created LimbGear® mp3-enabled sports apparel, a product line of WeighOut, LLC.

He spent 5 years working on Death Penalty cases, something he qualifies as "enormously draining". Until he decided to start his own business.

Tyson talks about "3 years, some painfully expensive lessons and more work than I would ever have imagined" to get the company fully up and running.

But this is a success: "I’ve found my WeighOut".

For those who feel "boxed in", this is a lesson that you can do it if you have it in you. Said Tyson: "I knew – as I have always known because it was how I was raised – that I could do whatever I resolved to do".

The full story is here.

Thank you Anne and thank you Tyson for sharing this great story.