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Friday, March 27, 2009

Google Voice rules

Finally I was upgraded from Grandcentral to Google Voice, and I love it.
The new feature I really like is that I can do international calls from my cell phone through the call back feature: enter the number and you get a call back from Google connecting you to the other party. Very cool.
I was using Jajah for this before, and they have a nice UI, but I was struggling with it because often times it would call me back before the page had finished to reload, and the call would end up in my voicemail, making it really hard for me to. I actually had to make sure to stop the page load right away to avoid the problem, which was a pain. With Google so far, it works much better, the UI is not as nice but it is much faster AND I get access to all my contacts, without having to re-enter the numbers by hand the first time I call somebody and without having to maintain a duplicate address book for the service.
One strange thing still is that I have the option to get a call back to my PC through Gizmo (this is a left over from GrandCentral) but not to Google Talk. I guess this is still a work in progress. And really I do not need this that much at this point, Gizmo work fine with me...
I also like very much the widgets feature, which allow people to call me from my website.
Thank you Google for this great step forward :-)

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