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Friday, May 29, 2009

Google did it again... Brilliant!

Clearly it is too early to tell whether it will take or not, and a lot will depend on how mature what they presented really is. But in the concept, this has far more potential than anything they have presented so far. Introducing conversations as objects and offering this new open communication protocol is like offering us a whole new web. If their offer takes, the launch at IO2009 will officially mark the beginning of a web 3.0, and everything that has been done so far in this area will have to adapt or look old = the stuff from before Google Wave.

If anyone can succeed at this game, it is Google. Just like with the iPhone, that only a Steve Jobs could bring to the world, they have enough brand equity in the developer community that they can make it work. And contrary to the Google phone, this is true innovation, not a me-too of something that has been done before.

And my take is that it will succeed:

- The web needs something like this: Twitter, Facebook, and companies like blueKiwi in the business world, have clearly demonstrated that there is demand from users for a new type of communication.

- It is an open system, so if it helps there is no risk at adopting it. They have elevated the discussion by bringing it into the open. Beside ignoring the whole thing, which is always possible, the only other option now is to come up with another similar protocol to attempts to resolve the same issue.

It will be interesting to watch how this will unfold...

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