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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Google Apps is the next Google

I went to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory yesterday, and I was amazed to see on the doors of the buildings announcement presenting Google Apps. Google is now handling the email system for all these scientists, and not just the email, but also of course calendar, docs, etc...
If you had any doubt about cloud computing being the next generation architecture, here is a proof that it is real. I cannot imagine the security concerns that had to be resolved before Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory would actually commit to shift their internal system to Google Apps. But if they were confident that it is ok to do it, and get something better than what they had before in the process, there is no doubt that every business should at least take a serious look at the option.
From my side, I have been using Google Apps since the very beginning, it is a great service and it keeps improving, with new features coming out of Google labs on a regular basis. In addition to the basic services that you can expect from such a platform, Google Sites is a great way to get people into "wiki style" collaboration. Google Sites reduces greatly the barrier to entry for collaboration tools, with a simple interface to co-edit documents. A small change in the way you work but a huge impact on team productivity.
If you haven't done so yet, make sure to take a look at Google Apps!