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Friday, March 25, 2011

LinkedIn needs to learn to communicate better

So here I am, a happy user of LinkedIn sitting fat and happy.

And then they reached 100M users. And they are so happy that they send me a thank you letter, because I was one of the first 1M users, and early adopters are so important to the success of a company.

So now I am told that I brought them value through my early support and then what? nothing!
Maybe I am a bit too demanding, but if I indeed brought value to them, a thank you is nice, a piece of candy or something would have been even nicer. After all they are the one making the big bucks from all that value, and if they tell me I contributed to this succes, they should share something. It does not have to be anything expensive, maybe a golden frame around my online profile picture. But what does it mean to thank me and tell me I am so important, and then leave me hanging here nothing for it?
If they tell me that I brought value, either they mean it and do something about it, or they don't and they should not mention it.

Next time LinkedIn is proud of reaching a milestone, I hope that they will think twice about the kind of message they send us to brag about it...