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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blog for Change

A very interesting approach to mobilizing people to help influence the next election: the Blog for Change campaign from, using blogs as a way to spread to word and recruit volunteers. Something everybody should consider doing...

Call For Change


Bill Levinson said...

I'm running a Blog Against campaign. :-)

I encourage you to call or blog on behalf of your local Democratic Party but not on behalf of is trouble; there is a rapidly-widening scandal about MoveOn welcoming racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Catholic hate speech on its Action Forum.

"Anti-Semitic" does not mean criticism of Israel, by the way. It means hate speech directed at Jews. "Anti-Catholic" similarly means hate speech directed at the Catholic Church and/or religion as opposed to pro-life political positions.

It has also been proven that, contrary to MoveOn's press release of September 2, MoveOn was fully aware of the hate speech but chose to do nothing about it. stands for NOTHING that most Democrats would recognize as their values or political beliefs.

The Democrats I am backing for state offices would be appalled by the content of MoveOn's Action Forum.

mdangear said...

I am not aware of such anti-semitic or anti-catholic attitude, or any scandal related to It would be good if you could susbtiantiate your comment with actual links to content that could help clarify what you are talking about.
Until then, I see no reason not to support this campaign...