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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Please join the "Social Business" discussion on SocialEdge

We are currently discussing the definitions of "Social Capital" and "Social Business" on SocialEdge:

My take on this is that the success of Muhammad Yunus with Grameen bank and microfinance in general has resulted in a narrowing of the definition of "Social Business" to what he specifically focuses on: poverty.
Meanwhile there is a broader definition that we should look like, as a way to prevent the concept of "Social Business" from being marginalized. We cannot afford to fall into the comfortable idea that "Social Businesses" are focusing on fixing the world issues while the rest of us are doing business as usual. We need to reverse the trend by moving the concept of "Social Business" from being a niche to being the standard.

Please give us your input on this idea and how to go about it:

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